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Waco Flying Service maintains a wide variety of training and rental aircraft. We believe in pairing an airplane with a mission, and that experience in more than one type is vital to the flight training experience.

We offer block hourly rates for each aircraft, which can result in a significant savings over our regular retail rates during the course of training. To receive the block rate, a minimum 10-hour purchase must be made in advance and a positive account balance must be maintained. Blocks are sold for each aircraft type.

Symphony 160

•IFR certified
•Comfortable cross-country cruiser
•Ultra-cool with racecar seats and control sticks
•$115 per hour including fuel
•$105 per hour block rate

Cessna 172

•IFR certified
•Approach-certified KLN 94 GPS with moving map
•KAP 140 2-axis autopilot
•$145 per hour including fuel
•$135 per hour block rate

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