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What is your goal? Waco Flying Service can help you achieve it! We provide no-holds-barred, practical instruction geared to make you a safe, confident pilot in the real world of flying. We combine sound educational strategy with old-time “stick-and-rudder” flight training in our efforts to produce the best new pilots around.

We also buck the national trend for higher-than-necessary times to completion for the private pilot certificate---many sources put that average at almost 70 hours, and our current average is 50 hours. So not only will our methods make you more effective as a pilot, we can help you achieve your goal with less expense.

Waco Flying Service provides training for the following certificates and ratings:

•Private Pilot (Single and Multi-Engine)
•Instrument Rating
•Commercial Pilot (Single and Multi-Engine)
•Certificated Flight Instructor (Airplane, Instrument, and Multi-Engine)
•Tailwheel (Private Pilot track, Tailwheel transition, and Legend Cub type training)

Instruction Rates:

•All flight instruction in Company-owned aircraft: $50.00 per hour
•All flight instruction in Customer-owned aircraft: $55.00 per hour
•All ground instruction: $50.00 per hour

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